Pico Way Laser Benefits and Uses

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Pico Way Laser Benefits and Uses

Pico Way Laser Benefits and Uses

What Is Pico Way?

Pico Way is the Most Advanced Approach to Treat Melasma and Tattoo Currently Available on The Market Unlike the Conventional Laser that break Pigments in to Smaller Sized Pigments Pico Way Breaks Pigments in to Dust Sized Particles With this Revolutionary laser Technology we can treat Almost All tattoos and Skin Pigmentation in a very safe and effective way.

What Result Can Pico Way Brings?

Pico way is known for being the most powerful tattoo Removal treatment in the world, as it can eliminate most colors effectively with the least scarring and downtime. However, in Korea, Pico Way is Most often used for treating pigment and skin rejuvenation, meaning it can the skin texture by Smoothing out fine lines and reducing pore size before the invention of pico second lasers, the trend was to use the 1064 Q-Switch ND YAG Lasers at low fluence to perform laser toning.

Now we can see the new laser toning technique with the 1064 wavelength in Pico way shows Improved and Faster onset results, as well as being highly efficacious in treating acne scars too.

Patients with acne scars feel their scars become less noticeable without having to go through the painful and trouble some recovery from the traditional acne scar laser treatments.

How Soon Can Patients expect the results?

What my patient love about Pico way is they can see the improvement about one week after the Treatment With almost no downtime, however, the honest and downtime can vary with different Treatment techniques Pico way laser has the shortest pulse duration among all the pico second laser today meaning it deliver energy precisely with the least collateral damage to the skin.

Therefore, I believe it is the most ideal laser treatment for Asian skin, where skin Pigmentary lesions can often be challenging to treat due to possible laser induced hyper pigmentation.

Target Patient for Pico Way?

All most all patients with pigmentary conditions including melasma. Abnoma, Oat’s nevus can benefit from Pico way patients with acne scars, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles also see visible improvements with Pico way treatment after just 1-3 sessions.
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