5 Best Benefits Of Garlic

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5 Best Benefits Of Garlic

5 Best Benefits Of Garlic

Here you will find best 5 benefits of using garlic



1 - Fight Bacteria and Viruses
Anti- Bacterial and Anti- Viral are well known. They can help prevent Food Poisoning by killing bacteria like Salmonella etc. Garlic also helps with Fungal, worm and viral infections. A potent chemical can be found  in garlic could fight the aggressive multiresistant bacterial infections.



2 - Improve Metabolism

Improving Metabolism means burning up your calories all the day that helps loosing your weight. Metabolism consist of 3 parts. Basal metabolism comes first, talking about calories which helps to perform basic functions such as blood pumping and operating the internal organs. Second part are those calories that you burn during activity, such as Jogging, taking shower and dish washing and thermic effect of food is the third one- you will burn calories during the digestive process to break down and provide nutrients in your body.



3 - Relieve Toothache

A garlic can help reduce a toothache. It has strong Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties. To get rid of severe pain use garlic with salt, Garlic with peanut butter, Half garlic clove, Garlic as a mouth wash and Garlic

powder. If there is swelling in a jaw area, garlic will surely help to reduce it.



4 - Reduce Weight

Now a days many people can be seen jogging, walking, using gym just to loose weight. Mostly people don't get time from their activities to go for jog and the activities which helps to loose weight. So Garlic is the best option for them to reduce weight without doing anything. Garlic really helps to burn the calories. Garlic helps out to slow down the formation of fat cells in the body.



5 - Treat Skin  Infections
Garlic helps to kill the fungus which spread skin infections. Garlic is a household ingredient which helps to give a taste to your food and with it helps your skin to get even better. Garlic helps to get rid of pimples and blemishes. Just take a clove and rub on your pimple. It also helps your hair grown and strong.
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