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Avoid unhealthy things- mednise.com

Avoid unhealthy things- mednise.com

Things that are harmful to your health

  1. Mobile Phone

Today the mobile phone is such a necessity, which is always with everybody. Even many people do not avoiding taking it to the bathroom. Mobile phones have more germs than the toilet. Actually this can include bacterial e-coli that can causes malaria.

  1. Remote Control

Everyone uses remote control and especially children not forget this. Sometimes on the sofa sometimes under the bed. Due to all these reasons, it starts to spread germs that cause disease.

  1. Computer Key-board

Today, almost everyone is using computers. During computer work, we are eating and drinking something and with the continuous use of keys germs grow up and causes many harmful diseases.

  1. Towel

Almost towel is used after washing hands but it contains a lot of germs. There should be separate towel for every person in the house. After washing mouth, the use of tissue is better than towel.

  1. Pillow

To sleep on the same pillow is not good for health. The germs in the pillow can bite you. At least 2nd day you should change your pillow. So that you can avoid serious diseases.

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