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Eat To Gain Weight

Eat To Gain Weight

Now there is a way to gain weight for skinny people.


Eggs contain Good amount of calories, fat and protein and a popular food among people who wish to increase their weight. Simply eat white part of the three or four eggs daily. You can eat egg-white omelets or scrambled eggs for breakfast daily for at least one month.







Bananas are full of calories and contains high amount of Carbohydrates and Potassium that give you instant energy. Whosoever want to gain weight must eat a banana daily in the morning with a glass of warm milk.








Consume one mango (ripe) three times a day. Make sure you drink a glass of warm milk after eating the mango. You will probably see noticeable result after a month.







They are packed with Carbohydrates, so there is no doubt that eating them regularly will help you increase your body weight. Grill or bake the potatoes with butter or make french fries using extra virgin oil if you like. If you are eating French fries, limit your potato consumption to twice a week.








Clarified butter is an excellent source of saturated fat and calorie, Hence it can increase your body weight. Mix one tablespoon of clarified butter with one tablespoon of Sugar. Eat the mixture twice daily, at least 30 mins before eating the lunch and dinner. Follow this routine for month. 



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