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Information Technology- Effects on Children-

Information Technology- Effects on Children-

IT-Effects on children

What is the immediate reaction of parents to cry or stroke children today? Often children are given a mobile or iPod. Nowadays, child busy and parents free. It seems very effective and easy but according to many researches it’s very harmful for the children.

Experts have reviewed that the growth of muscle and the bones of those children who living on the iPad screen for a long time are stop. This research was done on three and four years old children who played with iPod instead of wood and plastic toys.

Experts say that children who play games for five years have their effects on their body and brain. That is why it is important to keep an eye on children's activities and sports. You should encourage them to play games that have a positive impact on the growth of their growing body and brain.

There were ten children who had iPods, while other children were playing with other toys. It was observed that when children play on the iPod, they move their hands and feet less, but when they play with other toys physically are more active.

It is also seen that the children who are mostly engaged in sports at electrical devices, their ability to learn such articles like science and science decreases.

Those children who play more on mobile and iPod than other games increase their weight and become fat.
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