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Overeating On Eid – Mednise.com

Overeating On Eid – Mednise.com

Health Tips for You by Mednise - Overeating on Eid - After the month of Fasting, you will need to have small, wholesome meals and to keep away from over consuming throughout Eid-Ul-Fitar says Medical doctors & Nutritionists.

Results of Overeating:

1. Gastric Downside:

One of the crucial frequent issues that's usually reported from overeating is Gastric Downside and abdomen bloating.While you rush to eat a considerable amount of meals, you find yourself having belly ache.

2. Nausea:            

While you eat great amount of meals all at one time, the meals fail to get digested.Extra so whenever you eat wealthy meals, that are excessive in oil content material.This usually trigger Nausea and Vomiting.

3. Stomach Ache:

When the one month of fasting involves an finish, you then have a feast.This feast requires consuming luxurious all at one go.Notice that this may trigger belly ache for majority of the ache.

4. Lack of Vitality:

When you will have an excessive amount of meals within the abdomen, the stress in your abdomen can be too excessive.This causes the gastric acid to movement again up and result in heartburn.Because of the restricted digestive enzymes within the abdomen, the surplus meals will take an extended time frame to adjusted and this slows down the digestion course of.This fullness of the abdomen would trigger ache and discomfort and can make you're feeling torpid.Thus you will have lack of vitality.

5. Rise within the blood sugar stage:

A month - lengthy fasting after which consuming all types of oily wealthy meals, together with sweets all at a time, could make issues worse and provides rise to elevated blood sugar ranges within the physique.
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