Top 5 Simple Health Tips

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Top 5 Simple Health Tips

Top 5 Simple Health Tips

Top 5 Simple Health Tips

There are some simple health tips which can make you healthy and active


1 - Sleeping on your Left Side

Everyone thinks it doesn't matter which side you lay but it really does. Sometimes it is very effective for your health. Studies proves that when you sleep on your left side, you contribute to the health of many of your organ, since it makes their work easier and better. Sleeping on your left side improves your blood flow to your organs helping Spleen and intestine work more efficiently. Sleeping on your left side reduces your heart burn. Left side sleeping is cool and easy trick a one can use.


2 - Don't Brush your teeth after every meal


Since we were kids, we were probably told to brush our teeth after every meal. It turns out as not a such a great idea. Acidic food and drinks even healthy foods like fruits and vegetables which are acidic, it can soften your tooth enamel. This raises the the risk of

tooth damage with brushing. Brush your teeth after 30 mins to 45 mins after having meal.



3 - Avoid Bright lights before going to bed


You may like to relax before bed while reading on your tablet or phones searching on internet or updating your stories or chatting with someone. Unfortunately, even all these things are relaxing, they can prevent you from sleeping soundly, its a blue light from all electronic devices. Blue light has a dark side. Study after study linked night shifts and usage of electronic devices cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. if you like to read a book is an better option.




4 - Sitting Correctly at a computer

Sitting at a computer continuously can give you all source of pain and back pain is the big problem. There are some points to sit correctly while using a computer. 1) Raise the height of your chair 2) Put your keyboard and mouse on your desktop surface. 3) Move your monitor or laptop exactly the height of your Face, that way your neck won't hurt. It will keep you active.




5 - Exercise longer to lose weight can be dangerous

Experts agree that exercise is so important for your body to keep yourself healthy and fit. There is no such magic word for weight loss. In fact, Physical activity is usually a 20% to burn the calories daily. Most of your calories burn by rest of metabolism. In other words, basic functioning of your body burn a lot of calories. Many people eats after exercise which makes them hungry but its not correct. You just have to do short exercise rather than longer ones.
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