Top Dermatologist of Islamabad- Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan

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Top Dermatologist of Islamabad- Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan

Top Dermatologist of Islamabad- Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan

Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is the top Dermatologist, Skin Specialist and prime Skin Doctor of Islamabad and Pakistan, and included in the list of top 5 dermatologists in Islamabad and Pakistan. This is based on the data gathered from the patients through surveys and blogs.

He belongs to an educated family of Peshawar. He is the first MRCP & FRCP within the discipline of dermatology in Pakistan. He obtained 'laser therapy' schooling from the United Kingdom and launched 'laser technology' for skin care in Pakistan.

He always participates in seminars related to dermatology, shares his experience and disseminates the different techniques to the juniors and to the patients. He is very active on social media for the very reason. As a result, he gets trust of the patients and they love to consult him regarding their skincare, dermatology problems and skin whitening issues. These are the reasons which make him top dermatologist and skin specialist not only Islamabad, but also on pan Pakistan basis.

Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan has played the pivotal role in up-gradation of Skin department of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad. He has initiated three Post Graduate programs in PIMS within the discipline of dermatology. He is the pioneer of laser therapy for the treatment of various skin diseases. He has also started Ultraviolet Mild Therapy for the treatment of skin disease like Psoriasis.

#Dr.#Ikram Ullah Khan - top dermatologist and skin specialist while talking about the inspiration he got in his life in one of his interviews, said "My father Eng. Fateh Ullah Khan was the only person who inspired me in the whole world and he is, and shall remain my 'role model'. Eng. Fateh Ullah Khan (father of Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan) did his engineering from Ali Garh University before partition. He was a very famous name in the field of #Engineering. He wrote many books and gave the idea of a dam in Pakistan which could produce 15000 mega Watts of #electricity for the country."
May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.

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