5 Easy Ways To Increase Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

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5 Easy Ways To Increase Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

5 Easy Ways To Increase Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

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5 Easy Ways To Increase Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

I normally get asked how to DECREASE high blood pressure and thus, someone who has hypertension.
Which is very important because one of the top reasons for high blood pressure is just aging and the negative changes in your hormones. Thus, weather you like it or not, your blood pressure goes up the older you get.
However, today’s topic is how to increase and raise LOW blood pressure and thus, if you have HYPO-tension
And I’m only doing this topic because I’ve been asked a few times by people who are hypotensive and want to know what to do.
Personally, the lower your blood pressure, the better. You’ll live longer. Your heart will be healthier, as will your brain.
If you aren’t having any negative health issues, then don’t worry about it. There’s nothing wrong if having low blood pressure, if you feel fine.
However, if you are having symptoms of low blood pressure, such as
Blurred vision
Feeling cold
Being thirsty
Rapid, shallow breathing
Sweating …
Then it’s time to take action and raise your blood pressure to a more normal range, which would be around 120/80.
So, here are 5 simple ways to quickly raise low blood pressure
1 — Drink More Water
Being dehydrated, which most people are, can lead to either lower or higher blood pressure. In today’s case, I suggest you drink more water. I would add in a little bit of lemon juice and Hymalian or Celtic salt into the water for better absorption and prevent you from peeing all day long.
2 — Eat More Salt
Speaking of adding salt to your water, you should also add it to your foods. Start low and build up depending on how you feel. The most important time of the day to have more salt is in the morning and also before and after exercise.
Salt regulates aldosterone levels and other hormones, which will help balance your blood pressure
3 – Limit or Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol causes dehydration, which can lower blood pressure. So, either avoid or limit your alcohol intake. Or at least, make sure you increase your salt water intake to make up for the dehydration. Just drink a couple extra glasses of water after your alcohol consumption.
4 – Eat Smaller Meals
You should eat smaller, frequent meals. This is because having one or two big meals, causes a huge rush of blood to go to the digestive tract which then lowers your blood pressure. In healthy people, your body compensates by increasing your heart rate to normalize blood pressure.
However, maybe for you this isn’t the case, so it’s better to eat smaller meals.
5 – Normalize Your Blood Sugar
Blood sugar affects blood pressure. In fact, having high blood sugar levels is one of the causing factors of high blood pressure. On the other hand, having low blood sugar can lower blood pressure.
So your goal is to keep your blood sugar levels steady — not high or low.
Eating smaller, frequent meals helps.
Having some fiber and fat with each meal also prevents blood sugar spikes.
Having more natural carbs such as vegetables, fruits, yams, legumes and so forth is also better.
Thus, avoiding sugars, juices, sodas, processed carbs and so forth.

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