5 Killer ways to Stop Bad Breath in Just 5 Minutes

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     1- Drink Water

The bacteria in our mouth releases foul gas and saliva prevents this release. More you are Hydrated, less you less have Bad Breath. So, if you have a dry mouth, just drink a glass of water.

     2- Chew, Herbs like Mint, Parsley, or Basil

If you are at a Party, Chew just some Herbs like Mint. It’s definitely not going to clean your Teeth, but it will save you with a Strong Scent. It is very effective, but it only works for a sort time.


      3- Have an Apple

Take an Apple with you when you’re leaving the house. Apple contains oxidized polyphenols, which help to neutralize the bad smell in your mouth and they also clean your Teeth because of their texture.

       4- Suck a Lemon

                  Lemons are not just Healthy, but they are also useful against bad Breath because they kill the Bacteria that can provide an undesirable smell. Just suck a slice of lemon or squeeze it in a glass of water. It is also very effective after eating garlic or onion.



       5- Put Breath Gel in your Pocket

If you constantly have a problem with bad breath, just pop some breath gel in your pocket or purse. It is a good solution for those people who have joint or muscle problems and can’t chew gum.

Laiba Asghar

Author Since:  October 1, 2020