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Corona Vaccine

 The Efficiency Rate And Their Side Effects Of Corona Vaccine:

Large quantity of Corona Vaccine is Available in Pakistan. The efficiency rate of Corona Vaccine is given below:



Efficiency rate of 79.34% from delta variant. Side effects may include slight pain and fatigue mostly from 2nd dose.


Efficiency Rate of 65.7% in preventing moderate symptoms of delta variants.

Side effects include fever & Muscle Ache.


Efficiency rate 67% in preventing moderate symptoms of delta variant.

Side Effects include fever & Muscle Pains.


Efficiency rate is over 94.1% side effects include mild short term.

Symptoms like Low grade fever or Pain or Redness at the injection site.


Efficiency Rate is 95% side effects include Tiredness, Headache, Muscle Pain & Chills.

Sputnik V:

Efficiency rate is 91.6% confirmed. Most common side effects are Flu-Like Illness. Headache fatigue & Injection site Reaction.




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