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Best dermatologist in Pakistan – Prof.  Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan


If you’re facing any problem related to skin, meet one of the best dermatologist in Pakistan, Dr Ikram Ullah Khan. When it comes to dermatology , espacially treatment of skin disorder through laser technology , you cannot miss Dr. Ikram Ullah’s as one of the best skin consultant whoes name around the country, most importantly in Islamabad. Latest techniques of skin treatment and Dr. Ikram have become identical in current clinical practices in dermatology.

Based at Islamabad yet Dr Ikram Ullah brings most modern solutions to your skin problems. This is ranging from beautifying your skin to long lasting skin diseases on the  other hand.


With a track record of world-class expertness, Dr. Ikram Ullah,  Best Consultant Dermatologist & Laser Therapy Specialist In Pakistan, however has earned the following qualifications from the famous institutions of the world:
• FRCP (Edin) Consultant Dermatologist & Laser Therapy Specialist

One of the distinguishing qualifications of Dr. Ikram is Dermatological Laser Therapy and Cutaneous Surgery. His clinics are equipped with the latest and on the other hand best-known technology. These are used for the treatment of most complex and long lasting dermatological problems. These latest technological devices are know as Excimer Laser.

Working Experiences:

Along with the best qualifications in dermatology, however Dr Ikram brings to his impressive professional experience from Birmingham Skin Center. It is one of the best and largest skin institutes in the U.K. Dr. Ikram has worked for more than 10 years as a Consultant Dermatologist at this Skin Center.

Dr. Ikram has been holding well known positions in the field of dermatology. Among these are:

• Head of Dermatology Department in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad
• Consultant Dermatologist in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad
• Pakistan Navy Surgeon Commander , Consultant Dermatologist
• Supervisor and Examiner for College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan

Inspite of this, Best Dermatologist in Pakistan  Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan has headed and attended many different national at the same time international conferences. His research articles, have identified locally at the same time internationally. Given these qualifications and experience,nevertheless Dr. Ikram’s identification of skin diseases and treatment without any doubt enjoy professional acceptance and confidences of his long list of patients.

Specifically, people living inIslamabad and Rawalpindi have a benefits of having one of the most modern and on other hand best skin facilities in the town. Dr. Ikram run his three Laser Clinics in Pakistan. These are TWO in Islamabad and at the same time ONE in Peshawar. All of his clinics are equipped with latest instruments and machines especially most advanced Excimer Lasers. Dr. Ikram makes sure his clinical devices are regularly checked, thus maintaining the international standards with validity.

With all the above, Dr. Ikram is an clear cut choice for any one looking for the top consultant for skin problems, at the same time for the best dermatologist in Pakistan.


Prof Dr Ikram Ullah khan

Author Since:  April 14, 2019

Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan – top and best dermatologist in Islamabad is a pioneer in introducing Skin Laser Technology in Pakistan