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Food With Fiber

Food With Fiber help you feel energetic and support your digestive system. But unfortunately, we don’t consume required amount of fiber in our diet. So here are the quantities of food you can add to your intake to reach your suggested goals.


BROCCOLIOne cup of broccoli contains 2.4gms of dietary fibers
ASPARAGUSSingle cup of asparagus contains 3gms of fiber.
EGG PLANTSurprisingly egg plants are also among Food With Fiber. Just a single cup of raw egg plant contains 3gms of fibers
CAULIFLOWERA cup of chopped cauliflower contains 2.1gms of fibers
CARROTSCarrots have 2.8g per 100gms of fiber
SWEET POTATOA medium size sweet potato without skin has 3.8g fibers
CARROTSCarrots have 2.8g per 100gms of fiber
BRUSSELS SPROUTSEvery brussels sprouts contain 2.6g of fiber as well as 9% carbohydrates


PISTACHIOSA single ounce has around 3gms of fibers.
ALMONDSA single ounce of almonds offers 4 whole gms of fiber.
RAISINSIt provides 3.7g per 100gms of fiber as well as 3.7%–6.8% dietary fiber
PRUNESThey carry 5g per 100gms of fiber therefore prunes prevent constipation.


STRAWBERRIESA single cup of sliced strawberries
BLACK BERRIESAlso a single cup of berries contain 7gms of fiber
COCONUT MEATA Single ounce carries about 5gms of fiber
APPLESThey contain 2.4gms per 100gms of fiber
BANANABanana contain 2.6gms per 100gms of fiber
KIWIIt carries 3gms per 100gms of fiber
PEARSThey contain 3.1gms per 100gm fiber
GAUVAThey provide 5g per 100gms of fiber
RASPBERRIES They are Fiber rich diet so it carry 6g per 100gms of fiber
AVACADOIt has 7g per 100gms of fiber


CHIA SEEDSChia seeds contain omega3 as well as they carry 4.4g of fibers per 100gms
OATSOats contain 10.6% of fibers
KIDNEY BEANSThey have high fiber content of 6.4%
CHICKPEASThey contain 7.6g per 100gms of fiber


POPCORNSPopcorns contain 14.5g of fiber
DARK CHOCOLATEAnother Food with Fiber is dark chocolate. It has 10.9g of fibers per 100gms.

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