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Why you Pee Frequently if this is What’s happening with you then I’ll sharing some of the reasons maybe you’ll find the answer to your Problem


1.Nervousness OR Anxiety

The first reason that I have seen a lot in my practice that happens with the small kids also and with the elders also this is because of the nervousness either it’s anxiety either it’s fear this causes inner urge or or a feel to pee if a person is going out of the house or foreign traveling the reasons can go for two three times frequently to pee reality is that this is causing a kind over stimulation

2.Normal Bladder & Overactive Bladder:

The bladder is reactive urinary bladder and that’s why the person wants to pee again and again even there is not lots of urine over there in the bladder but person feels because that bladder is overactive because of the emotions so this the first reasons

3.Age Factor

Second reasons are if a female is going through the menopause or near to the menopausal age and the male is above 40 45 the this in male and female can increase the frequency of going to the toilet for frequency of Pee

How it affects in female with the age estrogen hormone it decreases and this gives effect to the bladder as well as the uterus and especially at night this happened that because of this female has to wake up and go to  pee again and again and the males would happen the decreasing of the testosterone this affects

4.Normal Prostate & Enlarged Prostate:

The prostate and that’s why with the age the prostate issue occurs and the males have this problem of waking up in the morning and going for the pee so this is what happens in the elderly or not elderly but a person who going through 45 to 55 years of age if it’s happening then this is the reason

5.Weakness of Pelvic:

The third is if we don’t  have strong pelvic muscles if our pelvic muscles will be weak then the bladder will be also weak and with little bit amount of urine we will feel a urge to go and to remove this urine and this increases the frequency why it happens it can be because of the age in male and female both and plus it can be in females after the pregnancy  especially after pregnancy many females feel this so if has started after pregnancy  then it can be the reason but this problem can be solved because there are many good exercises available  that can help you in making your pelvic muscles stronger so you can do there every day  and this with solve your problem the another reason


If a person is diabetic or even if  a person is eating lots of sugar what happens is if our body gets lots of sugar then needed or in the case of diabetes our  body wants to remove this excessive sugar  and for this reason we go to pee a lots if you are eating lots of sugar and you are having this problems it is a sign that you should cut on sugar  because it’s a serious sign it can be a pre-diabetic condition so be aware of this  and just haven’t look on your food that’s what you are eating whole of the day and the situation  will surely be  better then another condition  that causes the problem are the inflection of the bladder


7.Urinary Tract Infection:

the urinary tract Its urinary tract infections can cause this either cystitis cystitis means the inflammation if you are having the inflammation or any kinds of the problem with the bladder then this can also cause if there stones in your bladder this also can occurs  in increasing the frequency see always it doesn’t happen that if you have the stone you’ll have the pain many times the bladder stones they are silent so it can be that it can be because of the bladder stone plus yes if there is inflammation or there is inflection then what will happen a little bit of urine will irritate the bladder because the ph. of the urine will irritate the wall of the bladder and body wants to get rid of it and as what happens is as you will pee in cystitis especially as will be you will feel the relief in the pain and discomfort so if it is happening you’re having the  pain also then it’s better to concern  to your doctor and to talk about it and these problems can be solved so there are the simple some of the common general reasons what person’s frequency of urination increases

There are many other reasons for example yes for sure if you’ll drink lots of water plenty of fluid yes, it is going to happen it’s it’s general thing plus if you’re eating the diuretic medicines yes they are diuretic they will cause more urine this is going to happen so these conditions are under stable if you are eating lots of citrus fruit this can also happen

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Laiba Asghar

Author Since:  October 1, 2020