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use of lasers

Lasers are a mode of treatment in various fields of medicines. Especially in dermatology many skin condition can be treated with lasers. Today laser, is being popularly used by  skin specialists to treat infections, scars, pigmentation and hair loss.


Use of Laser in Hair Removal:


Lasers have a varied use in dermatology. Whenever there is excessive body hair or unwanted facial hair , the safest technology to remove these hairs is laser hair reduction. All over the word it is proven safe and efficacious treatment. No doubt these require at least 8 to 10 sessions or sometimes more depending on the individuals response but they have been betted as the safest treatment when it comes to reducing or removing the unwanted hairs.


Laser Treatment for Pigmentation:


When it comes to pigmentation, it is found in various layers of the skin. One form of pigmentation is superficial melanin which is reduced using normal creams or night creams. On the other hand deeper pigmentation is targeted with lasers. Not only that, use of laser for removing tattoos also common for almost all age groups. Another very common skin problem is  acne which can also be treated with light therapy and lasers. It is a very effective method where we can also reduce the intake of medicines to a great extent. Since there is a lot of concern about use of tablets and creams . Therefore these energy based devices and lasers are great to treat without any side effects.


Other Treatment for Birthmark Removal:


Another fairly prevelent use of laser is to treat molluscum contagious warts. These conditions can also be  effectively treated with lasers. Not only that the small skin growths on the face and back can be removed with them. Lasers have also been used for various other conditions like papules, angiokeratomas and fordyce spots. These are conditions which are not purely clinically termed as dermatological conditions but they have a lot of aesthetic value. So definitely in these situations lasers have an added boon.

Another important thing with laser is the downtime. Some of the laser treatment have a little bit of down time. For instance, CO2 lasers have a down time for acne scars, which is about 4 to 5 days. But some of the these  don’t have any down time at all.

In conclusion depending upon these condition lasers have varied uses and indications. These conditions can be treated very effectively with lasers.  This is what makes laser an inevitable tool in the treatment modality.

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