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Askari Student Health Insurance Plans

Askari Student Health Insurance Plans and Coverages are below in the table.

PlanBasicSpecialValueValue plus
Pre/Post hospitalization consultationcoveredcoveredcoveredcovered
Emergency/Accidents additional limits for first confinement only35000500006000075000
Value added servicescoveredcoveredcoveredcovered
Room entitlementcoveredcoveredcoveredcovered
Discounts for family insurance for students5%10%10%10%
Annual premium1800250030003600

  • Askari Student Health Insuranc
  • Four students budget plans are available from RS 1800/ annum to Rs 3600/annum.
  • Students avail family insurance on discount as well.
  • Preschool to F.Sc. only regular enrolled students of 2-18 years are eligible.

Health insurance for students terms and conditions are: 1. The policy will be cancelled immediately in case of deliberate concealment of facts to avail benefits from askari student health insurance company.
2. Ages: Preschool to F.Sc. only regular enrolled students. 2-18 years.
3. Plan choice will be subject to acceptance by the company also.
4. Coverage will be valid for 365 days from date of payment.
5. Universities Students @ 500/month for value inspite of that 600/month for value plus. Declaration forms required.
6. In case OPD facility is required, additional premium will be required.

The eligibility criteria for Askari Student Health Insurance are: 1. Students enrolled for executive programs and distance-learning are however not eligible.
2. Parent consent is must to avail the basic, special, value and value plus budgeted plans.
3. These plans are only for students no other person are eligible to avail and covered.

1. Hospitalization and Pre/ Post hospitalization consultations are covered.
2. Emergency/ Accidents additional limit for per confinement only.
3.Outside school hours and during vacations coverage.
4. Panel facility are provided to students countrywide as well.
5. Discount for family insurance for students also available.
6. Value added services are also provided to students.

Askari Insurance not only gives the health insurance plan but also provides other insurance services....

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