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If you fall sick very often or frequently suffer from flu sore throat and skin infections it's possible your body needs vitamins to boost the immune system the best way to increase your Vitamin E intake is by having a healthy and balanced diet but sometimes our bodies need an extra boost most of the time the immune system does its job by keeping us healthy however if the system sometimes fails to...

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Benefits Of Chia Seeds Chia seeds are the edible seeds of a flowering plant known as salvia hispanica which basically belongs to the mint family. Chia seeds are oval and grey with black and white spots, having a diameter around 2 millimetres. The seeds are hygroscopic, absorbing up to 12 times their weight in liquid when soaked in water. Chia seeds have been used by humans for centuries...

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The Sunflower plant, scientifically known as Helianthus annuus, to be precise, we will talk about the amazing health benefits of  sunflower seeds.   I’m pretty sure, all of you have seen the bright yellow flower of the sunflower plant. It’s impossible to miss. The seeds are harvested from the head of the sunflower plant. The flower head measures up to 12 inches in diameter and o...

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Few signs and symptoms that you can develop if you have a liver disease.   Your liver does a lot of things to keep you healthy. It is especially important as it acts as your body’s filter to clear out toxins. This include clearing the blood of drugs and other poisonous substances such as ammonia. Liver produces bile, which helps to carry away waste products and breaks down fats...

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5 types of foods that are extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy hair.   Your hair cells are the second fastest-growing cells in your body, second only to intestinal cells. But because hair is not a vital organ or tissue, your body will never prioritize its nutritional needs. So, due to hair’s expendable nature, a nutritional imbalance will often show up first in...

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Ten Healthiest Food for Muscle Growth Are you skinny or do people call you skinny? Have you ever wondered why you keep exercising and lifting weight to gain muscles but can't gain any muscle. Well don't worry because in this Blog you will learn about what to eat to help you increase your muscles fast building. Muscle isn't just about aesthetics or body building. It'...

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What is the dash diet and why doctors call it one of the best diets? Importance: Doctors say that this diet is the most effective way to improve your overall condition according to the national institute of health. It scored a 3.3 out of 5 in the weight loss effectiveness category and 4.5 out of 5 in health usefulness out of 40 diets evaluated. It was chosen number one. So who...

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Weight Loss Exercise: In this modern world which is full of luxuries weight gain is very common. Limited weight gain is not bad enough, but when a person weight is gained over than a limit it brings a lot of diseases which is injurious to health. He/She can not enjoy the life due to side-effects of Over Weight. When a person becomes fat his/her personality also become weird. That...

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Pumpkin seeds are also known as Papita are a common yet unrecognized gem for humans and these pumpkin seeds are the focus for our attention today after eating a pumpkin you get these hard white seeds and after you remove the shell or if you buy them directly from your supermarket you’ll see that these seeds are small green flat and oval. Pumpkin seeds maybe small but they are packed full of valu...

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