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The effects of exercise on immunity we will discuss how moderate exercise has beneficial effects on the immune function and then we will talk about why prolong and sternness exercise is not good for your immune system and in the end we will also discuss some key five daily lifestyle changes that you can do from tomorrow that will boost your immunity and help you fight infections and diseases physi...

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Few signs and symptoms that you can develop if you have a liver disease.   Your liver does a lot of things to keep you healthy. It is especially important as it acts as your body’s filter to clear out toxins. This include clearing the blood of drugs and other poisonous substances such as ammonia. Liver produces bile, which helps to carry away waste products and breaks down fats...

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A Few Signs That Indicate You Have A Kidney Disease   The average kidney is as big as a cell phone and weighs around 110 to 170 grams. Now for children born with renal agenesis which means only a single kidney this single kidney grows till it has the combined weight of two kidneys. Nephrons are the filtering units of the kidneys and each kidney has Between 1 to 2 million nephrons...

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Weight Loss Exercise: In this modern world which is full of luxuries weight gain is very common. Limited weight gain is not bad enough, but when a person weight is gained over than a limit it brings a lot of diseases which is injurious to health. He/She can not enjoy the life due to side-effects of Over Weight. When a person becomes fat his/her personality also become weird. That...

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