Fear of no longer dieting | Will I get fat? | Journal Prompts & Mindset shifts

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Fear of no longer dieting | Will I get fat? | Journal Prompts & Mindset shifts

Fear of no longer dieting | Will I get fat? | Journal Prompts & Mindset shifts

Answering a client’s question that we felt so many might be struggling with, we did years ago when we stopped dieting and focused on eating foods we want to eat. We hope this video serves you. We give some deep questions to ask yourself, as this is the real work. Don’t skip it. Remember healing takes time.

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Songs from Epidemic Sound.

Lori and Michelle, twin sisters, entrepreneurs, wellness mindset fitness life coaches. Workout junkies turned manifesting lovers.

We began our journey with personal development as over-exercise addicts, acne and eczema suffers, and binge eaters. Through learning how to consciously use our minds and LOA our life has become a waking dream – healthy, fulfilling and abundant. It is our joy to pass this information along to you.

Thank you for being here.

Remember you are enough. Never give up. Everything is on purpose.


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  • Posted on Mar 11, 2020 at 17:23 pm

    Thanks for watching our video about: Fear of no longer dieting and Will I get fat? We share some Journal Prompts & Mindset shifts we did to heal our food fears and be able to eat what we want. You can too! It takes time though and some inner work!

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