How Sugar Ages Your Skin Faster

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How Sugar Ages Your Skin Faster

How Sugar Ages Your Skin Faster

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What Sugar Does to your Skin:
In this video, in "What Sugar Does to your Skin", we go over:

1. What sugar can do to your skin
2. 3 Tips on decreasing the aging of skin even if you eat sugar.


Many times the anti aging is based on external factors such as avoiding the sun, using a higher quality sunscreen, using good skin care products but very little is mentioned on how instrinsic aging can affect our skin.
One of which is eating sugar and what it does to your skin. This can also include fruit juices , rice and pasta (because complex carbohydrates eventually break down into simple sugars.

When sugar is ingested, your body goes through a process called glycation. This causes inflammation throughout your entire body. Inflammatory symptoms can include acne, rosacea, arthritis, aches and pains.

Glycation is more complex than how it is explained in this video, however, in summary, we go over the 3 tips you can to do address the anti aging of your skin internally.

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  • Posted on Oct 11, 2019 at 22:31 pm

    How many of you eat more sugar during Halloween and the Holiday season?

  • Posted on Oct 11, 2019 at 22:33 pm

    Any suggestion for diabetic who needs insulin to live?

  • Posted on Oct 11, 2019 at 23:41 pm

    I try n avoid sugar. It's so hard around the holidays!

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 03:24 am

    And I have an addiction to sugar. UGH. I'm sure this is why I sometimes get cystic acne.

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 03:53 am

    Hi Christy I thoroughly enjoy your videos
    would you do a similar video on fermented skin care products please

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 03:57 am

    Why did you remove the Drunk Elephant video, I thought it was Great and recommended it to my friends to watch….WHY? It was Very Informative….Kindest Regards from Queensland Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 05:00 am

    First of all as always very informative πŸ‘
    What about making a honey milk mask since honey is a form of sugar for some odd reason it makes my skin smooth. Or does it just temporarily look good and overtime speed up the aging process. Even though it is applied externally

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 06:49 am

    Brilliant. Thank you for the insight

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    Love your videos Christy. They are short, super informative, don't drag on, entertaining and most importantly to the point!!! Love them. Pleasr keep up the fantastic work. (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 14:18 pm

    I stopped getting acne since i went keto and if. Also i feel like my smile lines are less visible ! I grew up in a house where junk and juice were prohibited ( bec mom hates cavities ) so i wasnt really into sugar and it helped me transition easily to a low carb diet. Thanks mom!

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 16:49 pm

    Once again, a fantastic and informational video! Thank you so much for this important information! πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈ

  • Posted on Oct 12, 2019 at 20:07 pm

    Is using a sugar scrub ok for facial skin? I think I heard one esthetician speaking against it.

  • Posted on Oct 13, 2019 at 05:32 am

    I like the short format!

  • Posted on Oct 15, 2019 at 23:42 pm

    Eat it every day and also drink Coca cola πŸ˜…πŸ˜… am 47 but look 35 πŸ˜‡

  • Posted on Oct 16, 2019 at 02:08 am

    Very helpful indeed! Halle Berry is a diabetic and is known for avoiding sugar, hence why she looks so young.

  • Posted on Oct 16, 2019 at 02:10 am

    Also, the spike in insulin, causes an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone, which leads to oxidation, and subsequently AGING.

  • Posted on Nov 15, 2019 at 04:12 am

    So what would you recommend for making of scrubs part from sugar n salt please

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