Lower Your High Blood Pressure With This Tasty Treat

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Lower Your High Blood Pressure With This Tasty Treat

Lower Your High Blood Pressure With This Tasty Treat

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Lower Your Blood Pressure With This Tasty Treat
In the past, I’ve spoken about how bad high blood pressure is for your health. Of course, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.
However, high blood pressure also accelerates aging, decreases blood flow, causes wrinkles, hair loss, memory problems and erectile problems… just to name a few.
And the older you get, the higher your blood pressure due to the negative changes in hormones.
What’s worse is that 67% of adults have prehypertension. This means their blood pressure is above normal and borderline high.
Thus, it’s just a matter of time you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure and you’re doctor is going to do what they do best - prescribe you a toxic and addictive drug, which has even MORE negative effects than the original problem of having high blood pressure.
And I know this situation very well because both of my parents have had high blood pressure in the past - but no more!
So today, I’m going to share with you a yummy food you can eat daily, which clinical studies have shown can lower your blood pressure as well and antihypertensive drugs - but without any of the negative effects.
Lower Your Blood Pressure With Blueberries
Researchers have discovered that anthocyanins, a type of compound found in blueberries, can improve endothelial function, resulting in lower blood pressure.
This has also been confirmed by four additional human studies, in addition to animal studies as well.
To try to duplicate the results of this study, you'd have to eat about 100 grams of blueberries twice a day, which equates to about two total cups of blueberries.
However, a few things to consider:
Make sure this is done twice daily. 200 grams in one sitting, didn’t perform as well 100 grams, twice daily.
You should eat organic blueberries. Because of the thin skin of blueberries, pesticides and similar toxins can easily get through the thin skin and go directly into the blueberry. Unlike for example, a pineapple - which has a thick outer protective layer, which you don’t eat anyway.
Don’t drink blueberry juice, it needs to be the actual fruit. Besides, drink the juice will increase your blood sugar, which will actually increase your blood pressure - the opposite of your goal.
I actually buy frozen, organic blueberries because it’s hard to find fresh blueberries in season, year round.
The smaller, “wild” blueberries have even more benefits.
In fact, English Hawthorn Berries have way more benefits than blueberries. But, they’re hard to find and very expensive.
The good news is that the blood pressure lowering effects can be felt in about 2 hours, so the results are felt quickly.
The Only Problem...
The only problem with all of this is that I know people and most will not do this, twice daily, year round. It’s not convenient and it can for sure get expensive, especially in the off season.
And thus, I suggest an easier solution that’s way more convenient, costs less, has no calories and actually works much better. It’s a formula that my family and I have been using for years.
Just visit the link below this video in the description area, copy the same formula and lower your blood pressure, naturally.
Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends.
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